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A supercharged company card for web3

Platform Features

Physical and Virtual Cards

A global credit card solution with physical and virtual cards, granular controls, and comprehensive spending oversight to manage your operations.

Automated Accounting

Automate your account and reconciliation with granular memos, and receipt capture. Consolidate your on-chain spending.

Available Internationally

Currently available in the U.S. and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean including the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Panama, and more.

Multi-Chain Support

Available across chains and always expanding. Proudly supporting Ethereum and Polygon. Supported assets are available here.


Leveraging audited smart contracts to secure your credit line and access a suite of financial tools.

Bill Pay

Simplify your accounts payable: No data entry, no repetition—just effortless invoice payments.

No Limits

You set the limits for your team and their cards.


Streamline your finances with accounting software integrations for Quickbooks™ and Entendre™.


Access over $750,000 in discounts from the top companies across web3 and web2.

Sub Teams

Manage individual team budgets across your organization with sub-accounts for each team.

Stacked up.
Powered up.

Get flexibility with granular spending controls and virtual/physical cards. Seamless Quickbooks™ integration and no credit or transaction limits. Non-custodial, no bank account required, and no swap fees. Experience the future with Rain.
Granular spending controls
Virtual and physical cards
Quickbooks™ integration support
Receipt capture and upload
No transaction limits
Safe™ integration
Designed for global teams
Non-custodial spend management
Bank account not required
No swap fees

Trusted by the best teams in crypto and beyond

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