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Rain is the revolutionary spend management platform designed exclusively for Web3 teams. Rain is here to enable interoperability for digital assets with the fiat ecosystems that companies rely on to operate. Rain is available for teams using self-custody, institutional custody and everything in between. Our mission? To provide Web3 builders with seamless access to essential business tools.

What is Rain?

Rain is the corporate spend management platform tailored for DAOs, protocols, networks, and projects in the Web3 space. It's designed to accommodate the unique governance and operation models of Web3 teams without compromising on fiat interoperability at merchants worldwide. And our long-term vision? Empowering the expansion of the digital money ecosystem.


Traditional fintech products are held back by outdated infrastructure, but Rain leverages cutting-edge technology and on-chain infrastructure to offer what was previously impossible. Rain members can spend in real life faster than they can receive a 2FA text message from a centralized exchange. This is just the beginning of our journey to redefine finance in the modern era.


Rain's vision is to build the translation layer for digital assets and fiat monetory rails. We offer the fastest and most direct payment pipeline to connect Web3 companies with vendors. Rain eliminates fees, offers instant spending, and ensures vendors receive fiat without the regulatory risks of accepting crypto.


Rain was founded by Farooq Malik and Charles Naut, visionaries with backgrounds in structured finance, credit underwriting, and workforce management. Their collective expertise drives Rain's mission to revolutionize corporate finance in Web3.

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Rain is the trusted choice for leading crypto and innovative teams. Join today and help shape the future of finance.