answers to the most commonly asked questions

How much does it cost to use Rain?

The platform is FREE!

What chains are you on?

We are currently on Ethereum and Polygon mainnet.  Expansions to more chains coming soon.

Why would I use Rain over other corporate cards?

Rain is the most direct way to access real world spending with your on-chain assets. We are the only solution that doesn't require a centralized exchange, OTC Desk, or a bank account to use. Every other provider either converts your assets into Fiat to spend or requires cash balances in a bank account to access a credit line. We're built from the ground up to help teams that want to be able to pay for business expenses things with their on chain assets.

What rewards do you have?

We eliminate the fees that others charge for converting digital assets to cash and provide access to interest-free credit lines. Rain also offers discounts and perks at over 50 partners through our deals exchange that all Rain members have access to when you sign up!

Isn't this just a debit card?

Rain is a card that operates on the credit rails, which means you can use it at rental car companies, airlines, hotels and other vendors unlike some debit cards. Your Rain credit limit is set against the value of your on-chain assets. Most of our members use their USDC assets to set their credit limit so they can plan their spending on a monthly basis. Rain members have have until the end of the month to pay their bill, meaning funds, tokens, and assets aren't debited from your account after each transaction like a debit card.

What are the tax implications of using Rain?

Rain is a corporate spend management platform and as such does not track tax events for your business. We allow teams to onboard their book-keepers and accountants to accurately document and tag transactions to simplify corporate accounting and reporting. That being said every company's structure and tax treatment varies so we recommend checking in with your tax and accounting advisors to confirm.

Is there a minimum amount we have to spend?

No, there is no minimum or maximum amount of spending required on Rain.

If I have multiple Rain accounts/teams I'm a member of, can I use the same wallet to sign in?

No, you must use a different wallet to sign into different accounts. Once you are signed in you can connect and load funds from a different wallet or a connected Multisig.

What's the difference between current balance, pending charges, spending power, and credit limit?

Current balance is the sum of the charges that have gone through and have been settled, pending charges are charges that have been made but are not yet settled, spending power is your remaining credit limit after subtracting any charges from the statement period, and your credit limit is the maximum amount your team can borrow (you can add collateral to increase it).

Is there a way to export transactions to accounting tools?

Rain transactions and associated transaction data is available for your team to export into your accounting tools. We generate reports in a number of popular formats that you can import into the tools that you use including Quickbooks.

Is there a limit on the number of cards I can create?

No, there isn’t a limit on the number of virtual OR physical cards you can create.

Where can I use Rain cards?

Rain cards are issued on the Visa network and you can use them anywhere that accepts Visa.

How does Rain make money?

We make money through  interchange fees. When you swipe your card, the merchant pays Visa and Visa pays us.

Ok, this looks great! How long does it take to get started?

Onboarding only takes a few minutes and you get spending in less than 5 minutes! Sign up for our waitlist here.